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The contract was signed between Gama Power Systems Inc., one of the pioneers of the energy sector, and Temsa Engineering, Khabat Thermal Power Plant Project HVAC systems contract. GAMA Power Systems Inc. is a subcontractor of POSCO E & C, with an annual installed capacity of 2 x 150 MW. energy production will be provided to the Iraqi Administration.

Our job description as Temsa Engineering:

Within the scope of the contract, the production and installation of 13,000 m2 of ventilation ducts by Temsa Industrial Engineering Erbil Factory, their vents, Vrf systems, split air conditioners, sand shutter louvers, air intake and shot louvers, motorized and manual air fire dampers, motorized and manual air adjustment dampers, return dampers, CAV and VAV dampers, silencers, air handling units, axial fans, roof fans, in-duct fans, diffusers, duct electric heaters, duct insulation and sheet coating works will be carried out.

- Start Date: 20.09.2015

Date of Completion: 01.12.2017

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