Especially in the centers and servers of the computer systems where there are many host and network components, the cooling systems needed in the heavy industry branches where intensive mechanical friction exists, reduce the use of resources, maintenance-repair costs and long-life by keeping the devices and equipment at the ideal working temperature. Provides long-term investment costs.

At the same time, the cold chain systems in the food industry are the heart of the cold chain. Short and long term storage, both transport and transport, in short, small or large cold room systems are used in every point of the cold chain. It is not enough for a cold room system to provide only the desired low temperature. This should be done at the lowest cost. For this reason, the system to be installed is not only cooling but also with a very good insulation and the lowest possible temperature with the lowest possible cost is able to protect for the longest possible time. Now, not only in the warehouses of grocery stores and hypermarkets, but also the companies that provide logistics services for such enterprises are the most frequently used systems.

Cold room systems, which become portable with the developing technology, allow even food, drugs, industrial chemicals and even organs that can be transported, such as hearts, to be transported from one end of the world to the other.

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