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TEMSA INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING manufactures HVAC projects in terrestrial industry and has proved its dominance in this sector thanks to the self-confidence of the successes and the trust of our customers. With its registered trademark iler TEM-AIR değerli, it develops its own applications and offers it to the service of its valuable customers.


Industrial HVAC applications our mainly Turkey in an effort to be beyond all world standards to be the best in our business and to lead the development of all products, systems and practices with the ISO and BSI to certification standards and adopt these principles and objectives to all our employees ANA policy.


TEMSA ENGINEERING, is the most important goal of minimizing the negative impacts to the environment in its service activities.

TEMSA ENGINEERING is committed to comply with the legal requirements in our country or in the countries in which we operate.

TEMSA ENGINEERING takes all necessary measures in order to evaluate its recyclable wastes, to reduce the use of limited natural resources, to prevent pollution due to environmentally harmful wastes, to protect natural assets, to not affect the living life negatively, to pollute the environment and to improve it positively.

TEMSA ENGINEERING continuously improves environmental management studies and environmental impacts in all processes.


TEMSA MÜHENDİSLİK believes in the principle of ın safety first sağ in Occupational Health and Safety when it adopts as a principle to keep the necessary operations in order to ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees and to keep the necessary tools to ensure these operations without any deficiency. In order to implement this principle, all employees shall strictly comply with the rules on occupational health and safety in their work. Because no job is as urgent and important as endangering the safety and health of our employees.

TEMSA ENGINEERING is committed to comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety regulations (law, statutory decrees, regulations and regulations) and the agreements and specifications it has signed.

TEMSA MÜHENDİSLİK considers the possibility of accident during its activities at its source and minimizes the accidents that may occur and takes the effort to prevent the occurrence of occupational disease. take and take necessary measures to protect natural assets, not to adversely affect living life, to pollute the environment and to improve it positively.

TEMSA ENGINEERING, will continue to work in all processes in the OHS activities will continuously improve, thus minimizing the dangers.


  1. Adding at least three product types to our product range
  2. At least three technological innovations should be added to our production processes.
  3. 15% increase in production capacity compared to the previous year
  4. Increasing the number of customers in domestic and foreign markets by 20%
  5. The use of social media and the interaction aspect of the Internet
  6. Development of digital marketing methods.